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Where is your office?

Food Joy Nutrition is a telehealth nutrition counseling practice based in North Texas. All appointments are conducted via video conference, which means we can connect anytime and in any place where you feel comfortable. I am currently licensed in Texas, but I am able to see clients in other states, depending on the applicable licensure laws for that state. 

Do you accept insurance?

I do not currently accept insurance and I am not in-network with any insurance providers. All clients are billed at private pay rates.  Your insurance may or may not reimburse your expenses for an out-of-network nutrition consultation for your diagnosis. I recommend checking coverage with your provider prior to our appointment. If your insurance provider will reimburse for our visit, I can provide the necessary paperwork for you to file with them.

Can I buy single sessions?

Nutrition services are booked as a multi-session package, which includes an initial comprehensive nutrition assessment and follow-up visit(s). Your health, how you feel from day-to-day, and your body's response to the foods you eat is dependent on a multitude of internal and external factors. A successful nutrition plan is one that adapts to your unique needs and how your body responds to different foods, which changes over time. We will develop a plan in our initial visit, but follow-up is needed in order to assess the effectiveness of your nutrition plan and make necessary adjustments. I offer a variety of packages to meet your needs. If you're not sure which package would work best for you, book a free discovery call so that I can discuss the options with you!

Do you offer payment plans?

Payment plans are available upon request!

Do you offer any weekend or evening sessions?

When you purchase a package, you will have the option to schedule your first appointment, and will have access to my calendar with available times. Limited weekend and evening appointment times are available upon request. Please contact me directly at

Do you offer a weight loss program?

Food Joy Nutrition is focused on GI health, food allergies and intolerances, and managing GI symptoms. Specialized diets for gut health or food allergies can be complicated, especially in the initial stages. I want my clients to focus on feeling their best and decreasing their stress and anxiety related to food. Restricting food intake to induce weight loss would increase stress and further limit food options, so weight will not be a focus during our visits. 

Can you meet with my child?

Yes! Kids (and adults) often feel a loss of control when they have to avoid certain foods or when food makes them feel sick. Learning how to manage their diet and their symptoms is empowering and gives them a sense of control over what they eat. Please note that the overall goal is symptom management and helping your child develop a healthy relationship with food. We will not focus on eating to gain or lose weight. 

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